Ishrat Gill

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BACKGROUND There are anecdotal data that lower levels of vitamin D may be associated with increased levels of toxicity in individuals receiving chemotherapy; we therefore wished to investigate this further. METHODS From a cohort of over 11 000 individuals, we included those who had vitamin D levels (serum 1,25(OH)(2)D3) measured before and during(More)
PURPOSE Fixation examination with the MP-1 microperimeter (Nidek Technologies Srl., Vigonza, PD, Italy) determines the preferred retinal loci and fixation stability in patients with central vision loss. It is typically done for periods of 15 to 30 s as per the manual's recommendations, which are arbitrary. In this study, we examined (1) whether fixation(More)
Sir, As pointed out in the excellent article by Miles et al (2013), the identification of patients benefiting most from bevacizumab remains elusive. The activity of the gemcitabine and platinum combination in a variety of neoplasms is well described. In metastatic breast cancer, it has often been used as a standard regimen in patients with triple-negative(More)
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