Ishizaki Yoko

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Obg is a ribosome-associated GTPase essential for bacterial viability and is conserved in most organisms, from bacteria to eukaryotes. Obg is also expressed in plants, which predicts an important role for this molecule in plant viability; however, the functions of the plant Obg homologs have not been reported. Here, we first identified Arabidopsis AtObgC as(More)
The Spo0B-associated GTP-binding protein (Obg) GTPase, essential for bacterial viability, is also conserved in eukaryotes, but its primary role in eukaryotes remains unknown. Here, our functional characterization of Arabidopsis and rice obgc mutants strongly underlines the evolutionarily conserved role of eukaryotic Obgs in organellar ribosome biogenesis.(More)
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