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Structuredness of the cytoplasmic matrix (SCM)-responding lymphocytes from healthy donors can be differentiated from SCM-responding lymphocytes of patients with malignant disease on the basis of the change in the intracellular fluorescein fluorescence polarization (IFFP) induced by their exposure to various antigens. We have found that the overall(More)
Spatiotemporal fluctuation of homogeneity and randomness of gray values within an image was explored and utilized as a label-free means for cell examination. This was done by utilizing a user-friendly combination of simple bright field microscope and Cytocapture dish, wherein cells are individually held, each within a picoliter optical chamber, forming an(More)
A simple, label-free cytometry technique is introduced. It is based on the analysis of the fluctuation of image Gray Level Information Entropy (GLIE) which is shown to reflect intracellular biophysical properties like generalized entropy. In this study, the analytical relations between cellular thermodynamic generalized entropy and diffusivity and GLIE(More)
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