Ishan Ajmera

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BioModels ( is a repository of mathematical models of biological processes. A large set of models is curated to verify both correspondence to the biological process that the model seeks to represent, and reproducibility of the simulation results as described in the corresponding peer-reviewed publication. Many models(More)
Plant biology has had longstanding successes from applying mathematical models to plant systems. Of the >160 models that have been developed to date, a closer study is made of crop models and more recent plant models. The latter focus on hormone response networks, metabolism, circadian clock, biomechanics of growth and new organ development. The(More)
The ability to grow crops under low-water conditions is a significant advantage in relation to global food security. Bambara groundnut is an underutilised crop grown by subsistence farmers in Africa and is known to survive in regions of water deficit. This study focuses on the analysis of the transcriptomic changes in two bambara groundnut landraces in(More)
The bacterial Lux system is used as a gene expression reporter. It is fast, sensitive and non-destructive, enabling high frequency measurements. Originally developed for bacterial cells, it has also been adapted for eukaryotic cells, and can be used for whole cell biosensors, or in real time with live animals without the need for euthanasia. However,(More)
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