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The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of brand image benefits on satisfaction and loyalty intention in the context of color cosmetic product. Five brand image benefits consisting of functional, social, symbolic, experiential and appearance enhances were investigated. A survey carried out on 97 females showed that functional and appearance(More)
The paper proposes a novel concept in designing a data integrated web database which incorporates three kernels which point towards database cells related to the development of Melaka K-Economy Incubator catalysed by Cottage Industries, Investors' Trend and Intellectual Properties resulting from the research work from local universities and research(More)
Non-destructive assessment on oil palm Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB) variability provides information for convenient oil palm field management practices. In this study a destructive assessment, using a microstrip sensor technique was firstly used to determine oil palm FFB maturity stages. A sample of FFB fruitlets was taken from 50 oil palm trees. The statistical(More)
The study investigates the relationships between supervisory influence, role ambiguity and sales target on intention to perform unethical behavior. It also examines how attitudes, perceived behavioral control, subjective norm and moral obligation mediates the relationship of supervisory influence, role ambiguity and sales target on intention to perform(More)
This research was carried out to identify the factors that influence auditors' acceptance of the Practice Review System. Using a theoretical model based on the Decomposed Theory of Planned Behavior, this study aims to identify the factors influencing acceptance of the Practice Review System. Questionnaire survey was used in research. Systematic random(More)
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