Ish-Kumar Dhammi

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Isolated coronal fractures of femoral condyle are rare in adults and nonunion of Hoffa fracture is reported only a few times in the literature. We analyzed six cases of nonunion of Hoffa fractures over a period of three years. Three patients were treated conservatively and three patients had fixation failures. Delay of presentation was 2 months to one year.(More)
A 15 years old girl was found to have isolated trochlea fracture 10 weeks after an injury caused by a fall on her left elbow. Movement of the elbow was severely restricted. Radiographs showed a half moon-shaped and anterosuperiorly displaced osteochondral fragment. Medial approach capsulotomy of the elbow and excision of the intraarticular adhesions were(More)
OBJECTIVE Monteggia fracture dislocation equivalent, though already described by Bado, is still an unclassified entity. We aimed to retrospectively analyze 18 cases of Monteggia variants and discuss the injury mechanisms, management, and outcome along with a review of the literature. METHODS A retrospective record of Monteggia fracture dislocation(More)
A 45 year old woman was diagnosed as having anteromedial radial head dislocation and distal radius fracture five months after her injury on right forearm. The radial head dislocation led to ulnar nerve compression. She had severe restriction of her elbow movements. She was treated with arthrolysis, decompression of the ulnar nerve and radial head resection.(More)
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