Isel Grau

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The complex dynamics of Human Immunodeficiency Virus leads to serious problems on predicting the drug resistance. Several machine learning techniques have been proposed for modelling this classification problem, but most of them are difficult to aggregate and interpret. In fact, in last years the protein modelling of this virus has become, from diverse(More)
Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) are grouped within connectionist techniques of Artificial Intelligence. In particular, Recurrent Neural Networks are a type of ANN which is widely used in signal reproduction tasks and sequence analysis, where causal relationships in time and space take place. On the other hand, in many problems of science and engineering,(More)
Several antiviral drugs have been approved for treating HIV infected patients. These drugs inhibit the function of proteins which are essential in the virus life cycle, thus preventing the virus reproduction. However, due to its high mutation rate the HIV is capable to develop resistance to administered therapy. For this reason, it is important to study the(More)
The high mutability of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) leads to serious problems on designing efficient antiviral drugs. In fact, in last years the study of drug resistance prediction for HIV mutations has become an open problem for researchers. Several machine learning techniques have been proposed for modelling this sequence classification problem, but(More)
Decision-making could be defined as the process to choose a suitable decision among a set of possible alternatives in a given activity. It is a relevant subject in numerous disciplines such as engineering, psychology, risk analysis, operations research, etc. However, most real-life problems are unstructured in nature, often involving vagueness and(More)
We present an interactive demo that illustrates the performance of our multi-agent-based system for trading 'green' energy. The system implements the NRG-X-Change concept and uses real-life data for energy consumption. NRG-X-Change encourages prosumers to locally trade their excess of energy while payments are carried out using NRGcoins, which is a novel(More)
In standard PSO, the particle swarm frequently gets attracted by suboptimal solutions, causing premature convergence of the algorithm and swarm stagnation. Once the particles have been attracted to a local optimum, they continue the search process within a minuscule region of the solution space, and escaping from this local optimum may be difficult. This(More)