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BACKGROUND AND AIMS Perturbations in intestinal microbiota composition due to lifestyle changes may be involved in the development of atopic diseases. We examined gut microbiota composition in early infancy and the subsequent development of atopic manifestations and sensitisation. METHODS The faeces of 957 infants aged 1 month and participating in the(More)
BACKGROUND A high proportion (42.4%) of outpatients attending a psychiatric hospital appears to harbor expectations of secondary gain and hide this from their psychiatrists. This study investigated whether the prevalence of expectations of secondary gain could be replicated in a different sample, namely, a general hospital outpatient clinic attended by(More)
BACKGROUND A study to determine whether the expectation for secondary gain held by psychiatric outpatients was associated with therapy outcomes. METHODS The study was conducted at a Dutch psychiatric outpatient department. Our investigation set out to explore the expectation of obtaining secondary gain by directly asking the patient and clinician via(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the potential effect of modification by maternal allergic status on the relationship between breast-feeding duration and infant atopic manifestations in the first 2 years of life. STUDY DESIGN Data from 2705 infants of the KOALA Birth Cohort Study (The Netherlands) were analyzed. The data were collected by repeated questionnaires(More)
BACKGROUND It is unknown whether food allergy (FA) in an unselected population is comparable to those from an outpatient clinic population. OBJECTIVE To discover if FA in a random sample from the Dutch community is comparable to that of outpatients. METHODS This study was part of the Europrevall-project. A random sample of 6600 adults received a(More)
BACKGROUND Alternative lifestyles are often associated with distinct practices with respect to nutrition, physical activity, smoking, alcohol use and usage of complementary medicine. Evidence concerning effects of these lifestyle-related practices on health status is still fragmentary. OBJECTIVE To describe maternal health characteristics related to(More)
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