Isbelia Reyes

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Sodium transport is increased by vasopressin in the cortical collecting ducts of rats and rabbits. Here we investigate, by quantitative immunoblotting, the effects of vasopressin on abundances of the epithelial sodium channel (ENaC) subunits (alpha, beta, and gamma) in rat kidney. Seven-day infusion of 1-deamino-[8-D-arginine]-vasopressin (dDAVP) to(More)
The mechanisms of action of mineral phosphate solubilization (MPS) were studied in the wild-type Mps ‡ Penicillium rugulosum strain IR94-MF1 and in negative (Mps 3) and superpositive (Mps ‡‡) mutants derived from it. MPS activities were measured in liquid media using sucrose as C source, four N (arginine, nitrate, nitrate+ammonium and ammonium) and P(More)
Maize root colonization and phosphate solubilizing activity of the fungus Penicillium rugulosum were assessed in a greenhouse trial using soil-plant microcosms. The bacterial gene hph conferring resistance to hygromicin B was introduced by electroporation in the wild-type strain IR-94MF1 of P. rugulosum and one transformant, w-T3, was selected. Maize plants(More)
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