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The Personal Video Recorder such as Recordable-DVD Recorder, Blu-ray disc Recorder and/or Hard Disc Recorder has become popular for a large volume storage device for video/audio content data and a browsing function that would quickly provide a desired scene to the user is required as an essential part of such a large capacity recording/playback system. We(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the role of follow-up after curative treatment in endometrial carcinoma, we determined predictive factors for prolonged survival after recurrence. METHODS We retrospectively studied patients with endometrioid endometrial carcinoma who had a follow-up appointment consisting of pelvic examination, vaginal cytology, imaging and CA-125(More)
We present a novel genre-independent SVM framework for detecting scene changes in broadcast video. Our framework works on content from a diverse range of genres by allowing sets of features , extracted from both audio and video streams, to be combined and compared automatically without the use of explicit thresholds. For ground truth, we use hand-labeled(More)
We propose a content-adaptive analysis and representation framework to discover events using audio features fromünscripted¨multimedia such as sports and surveillance for summarization. The proposed analysis framework performs an inlier/outlier based temporal segmentation of the content. It is motivated by the observation that¨ınterestingëvents in unscripted(More)
We present a novel video summarization and skimming technique using face detection on broadcast video programs. We take the faces in video as our primary target as they constitute the focus of most consumer video programs. We detect face tracks in video and define face-scene fragments based on start and end of face tracks. We define a fast-forward skimming(More)
BACKGROUND Accumulating evidence suggests that many ovarian high-grade serous carcinomas (HGSCs) originate in the fallopian tube. Malignant cells shed by tubal lesions can be detected by examination of cytological samples from the endometrial cavity (endometrial cytological testing). To evaluate the use of this method for detecting HGSC, we examined(More)
We have extended our sports video browsing framework for personal video recorders, such as recordable-DVD recorders, blu-ray disc recorders and/or hard disc recorders, to music segment detection. Our extension to Japanese broadcast music video programs consists of detecting audio segment boundaries such as conversations with guests followed by music/song(More)
We present the world's first highlights-playback-capable hard disk drive (HDD)-enhanced DVD recorder (personal video recorder-PVR). It automatically detects highlights in sports video by detecting portions with a mixture of the commentator's excited speech and cheering, using Gaussian mixture models (GMM's) trained using the MDL criterion. Our computation(More)
In our past work on sports highlights extraction, we have shown the utility of detecting audience reaction using an audio classification framework. The audio classes in the framework were chosen based on intuition. In this paper, we present a systematic way of identifying the key audio classes for sports highlights extraciton using a time series clustering(More)