Isao Okuda

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The purpose of this study was to examine trunk rotational patterns and weight transfer patterns that may differentiate swing skill level in golfers. Thirteen skilled golfers (mean handicap = 0.8 ± 2.6) and seventeen low skilled golfers (mean handicap = 30.8 ± 5.5) participated in this study. Kinematic and kinetic data were obtained through high-speed 3-D(More)
Hot electron temperatures and electron energy spectra in the course of interaction between intense laser pulse and overdense plasmas are reexamined from a viewpoint of the difference in laser wavelength. The hot electron temperature measured by a particle-in-cell simulation is scaled by I rather than Iλ at the interaction with overdense plasmas with fixed(More)
Proton acceleration experiments by irradiation of intense ultra-violet lasers with thin foil targets were conducted. Energies and efficiencies of the accelerated protons were investigated over the target thickness from several mm to 50 nm using various materials. In order to irradiate the very thin foil targets, the discharge pre-amplifier in the previous(More)
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