Isao Nakai

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A word of germs of holomorphic diffeomorphisms of (C, 0) is a composite of some time-1 maps of formal vector fields fixing 0, in other words, a noncommutative integral of a piecewise constant time depending formal vector field. We calculate its formal-vector-field-valued logarithm applying the Campbell–Hausdorff type formula of the Lie integral due to(More)
We have measured x-ray absorption near edge structure (XANES) spectra of mechanically alloyed ZrNi near Ni and Zr K edges as a function of milling time. The x-ray diffraction shows that the system is transformed into an amorphous phase by milling for about 60 h. With increasing the milling time, a small absorption near the Ni threshold rises and finally(More)
We report changes in the structure and the electronic states of YCu2 during mechanical alloying. The x-ray diffraction shows that milling for about 60 h transforms mixture of elemental powders of Y and Cu into an amorphous alloy. We have measured the x-ray absorption near edge structure (XANES) spectra of mechanically alloyed YCu2 at Cu K and Y K edges at(More)
111 sitzr measurements of the Ni and Co K-edge XAFS spectra of Li1.~Ni02 and Lil.,CoOz as a function of x were successfully carried out for the first time using an electrocl~emical ceii. It is observed that a local Jahn-Teller distortion of the Ni06 octahedron in LiN102 was reduced with deintercalation of Li which caused oxidatiou of the Jahn-Teller d7 ~ i(More)
A control method is presented for a five-fingered artificial hand using EMG signals. The artificial hand is driven by pneumatic actuators and has 15 degrees of freedom. It is difficult to discriminate all the finger motions from just the EMG signals. Therefore, we describe typical hand motions using Petri net and control the finger motions based on this(More)
This article presents the control method for a 5-fingered artificial hand using electromyography (EMG) signals. Our targeted artificial hand is driven by pneumatic actuators to reduce its weight, and we use ON/OFF solenoid valves instead of electro pneumatic regulators to simplify the control system. The pneumatic hand has 15 degrees of freedom, and it(More)
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