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The objective of this study was to determine whether subacute ruminal acidosis (SARA) could be diagnosed by continuous measurements of the reticular pH, as compared with the ruminal pH, using healthy cows fed a control diet and SARA cows fed a rumen acidosis-inducing diet. The reticular and ruminal pH were measured simultaneously by a radio transmission pH(More)
We examined whether the postoperative prognosis of beef cattle with left displaced abomasum (LDA) can be estimated from changes in laboratory parameters. Preoperatively, beef cattle with LDA showed increases in plasma glucose with decreased serum insulin in the glucose tolerance test compared to non-LDA cattle. Postoperatively, the cattle with LDA were(More)
We designed CSCL-based science lessons for 4th (" nature around us ") and 6th grade (" air and how things burn ") at a Japanese elementary school. The CSCL technology we used was Knowledge Forum (KF), the second generation of CSILE software. In the first year, we designed the lesson in which KF was used as an extra communication tool. Goal-sensitive(More)
To clarify the pathophysiology of left displaced abomasum (LDA), beef cattle fed high-starch diets were examined. The abomasal pH in beef cattle with LDA was lower than that in non-LDA reference animals (data from beef cattle at an abattoir), suggesting that it facilitated acidity. Bacteriological examinations of the abomasal fluid in cattle with LDA(More)
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