Isao Morohashi

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The generation of a 40-Gb/s 16-QAM radio-over-fiber (RoF) signal and its demodulation of the wireless signal transmitted over free space of 30 mm in W-band (75-110 GHz) is demonstrated. The 16-QAM signal is generated by a coherent polarization synthesis method using a dual-polarization QPSK modulator. A combination of the simple RoF generation and the(More)
Efficient generation and detection of indistinguishable twin photons are at the core of quantum information and communications technology (Q-ICT). These photons are conventionally generated by spontaneous parametric down conversion (SPDC), which is a probabilistic process, and hence occurs at a limited rate, which restricts wider applications of Q-ICT. To(More)
By combining a Mach-Zehnder-modulator-based flat comb generator (MZ-FCG) with a dispersion-flattened dispersion-decreasing fiber, femtosecond pulses have been generated from a cw light. Near-Fourier-transform-limit picosecond pulses generated from the MZ-FCG were compressed into femtosecond order by pulse compression. Our system enables flexible tuning of(More)
We are developing a low noise heterodyne receiver system based on a hot electron bolometer mixer (HEBM) and a THz Quantum Cascade Laser (THz-QCL) as a local oscillator at 3THz for atmospheric or astronomical observations. The DSB receiver noise temperature of 1,930K which corresponds to 13 times quantum limit was achieved. We demonstrated phaselocking of(More)
Generation of cw-THz waves with high frequency accuracy was demonstrated by using a Mach-Zehndermodulator-based flat comb generator (MZ-FCG). A combination of the MZ-FCG and a highly nonlinear dispersion shifted fiber generated broadband optical combs, and cw-THz waves in the range of 3 THz were generated by photonic down-conversion of two-tone signals(More)
We characterized a 3THz continuous wave generated by photomixing two optical modes of a broadband optical frequency comb. This optically generated THz wave and the output beam of a 3THz quantum cascade laser phase-locked to a THz reference were coupled onto a hot electron bolometer mixer operated at 4K and the beat signal was precisely evaluated. This(More)