Isao Kaji

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Recently, the diversified types of companies have been trying to cooperate among them to cope with the dynamic market and thus integration of their DBs with heterogeneous requirements is needed. But the conventional centralized approach has problems of fault-tolerance, real-time property and flexibility. Here, the autonomous consistency technique in(More)
SUMMARY This paper describes key design technology issues as general ideas, rather than for specific fields, with a view to realizing better technology for the future. This paper also discusses the scope of the vision we should adopt, the factors we should be conscious of, and how we should design future systems. The key ideas arise from the belief that(More)
The Autonomous Decentralized Database System (ADDS) was proposed to flexibly cope with company's requirements in dynamically changing environments. In the ADDS each node holds a copy of database, and update requests to the data items in a node can be processed independent of other nodes if the requested amounts are less than the allowances that are called(More)