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The purpose of this study is to present the methodology and results of a clinical trial of local chemotherapy of malignant brain tumors based on slowly-releasing anticancer drug-polymer composites. The slowly releasing drugs were prepared by combining and mutually dispersing anticancer agents with glassified monomers containing 10% polymetacrylic methyl(More)
The cellulase production from immobilized Trichoderma reesei composites prepared by radiation polymerization at low temperature was studied. The production of cellulase from the cells irradiated by radiation was slightly retarded at the initial stage of the culture, but was immediately recovered. The production of cellulase resulting from the growth of the(More)
Immobilized Sporotrichum cellulophilum with nonwoven materials was cultured continuously by a rotating-disk fermentor to supply cellulase into the saccharification system. The filter paper activity (5.0) was retained after 696 h under conditions of 250 rpm stirring and 0.014 h(-1) dilution rate. The product of the culture was supplied continuously to the(More)
The thermophilic fungus Sporotrichum cellulophilum was immobilized with nonwoven materials for cellulase production. The cellulose powder concentration in the medium was an important factor controlling cellulase production. When the cellulose powder concentration in the nonwoven materials was more than 4%, cellulase production was suppressed. The growth of(More)
The aim of this study was to measure and analyze olfactory event-related magnetic fields using a whole-cortex biomagnetometer (122-channel SQUID gradiometer). Amyl-acetate gas (approx. 1%) was administered for 300 msec into either the right or left nostril in synchronization with respiration using a mask and an optical fiber sensor. Clear olfactory(More)
We studied the effect of immobilizing cellulase to carboxycellulose sodium by radiation polymerization on the masking of the active site of the enzyme. Masking of the enzyme during the preparation of immobilized enzyme was assayed at low temperature. The activity of immobilized enzyme was retained during repeated batch reactions, indicating that the enzyme(More)