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To evaluate the significance of peptide leukotrienes (LTC4, D4, E4) in asymptomatic asthmatic patients, we measured urinary LTE4 levels which is thought to reflect in vivo production of peptide LTs. Urinary LTE4, was extracted using C18 solid phase column and measured by radioimmunoassay. There was no significant difference in urinary LTE4 levels among(More)
A 33-year-old female was admitted to our hospital because of intractable asthma which had not been improved by intensive treatment at another hospital. Her asthmatic attacks were improved within a week by treatments including systemic corticosteroids and mechanical ventilation. However, in a few weeks nocturnal asthma recurred frequently, and it was(More)
Raynaud's phenomenon has been suggested as a predisposing factor for pulmonary vasospasm which may lead to pulmonary hypertension, but the occurrence of cold stimulus-induced pulmonary vasospasm has been inconsistent. Such inconsistent pulmonary vascular responses may be caused by differences in the production of endogenous vasodilators and vasoconstrictors(More)
Bronchial lavage was performed in 10 cases with status asthmaticus who were mechanically ventilated. The mean value of PaCO2 was 64.4 +/- 17.4 Torr before bronchial lavage, and it significantly decreased to 51.9 +/- 11.0 Torr after lavage. In 7 out the 10 cases, bronchial lavage was judged to be effective from the clinical point of view. In 5 cases with(More)
Five patients of advanced non-small cell lung cancer with atelectasis and/or poor performance status were treated with combination MVP therapy consisting of bronchial arterial infusion (BAI) using cisplatin (50 mg) and simultaneous systemic MVP therapy. The tumor size reduced more than 50% in three patients, and less than 25% in one patient. In another(More)
A 33-year-old woman was admitted as an emergency case because of shock condition after delivery. Physical examination revealed fever, cyanosis and coarse crackles throughout the entire chest. Laboratory data showed leukocytosis and increase of CRP value. Adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) was diagnosed based on progressive severe hypoxemia and(More)
The clinical efficacy and safety of continuous inhalation therapy using l-isoproterenol in adult acute severe asthma were retrospectively evaluated. Fifty adult patients (34 men and 16 women, mean age 47.5) with severe acute asthma, which was not improved by conventional therapy including intermittent inhalation of salbutamol, intravenous aminophylline, and(More)
In order to clarify whether repirinast, an inhibitor of chemical mediator release, could influence the pharmacokinetics of theophylline, a loading test using intravenous injection of aminophylline was performed in 10 subjects with bronchial asthma before and after treatment with 300 mg/day of repirinast. There was no significant difference in theophylline(More)
An open study was conducted to evaluate the changes in in vivo and in vitro responses to house-dust-mite (HDM) after rush immunotherapy (RI). A 7-day RI protocol using an extract containing HDM allergen was administered to 12 subjects with HDM-sensitive asthma, and the effects on bronchial responsiveness and serum antibody levels were evaluated up to 16 or(More)