Isamu Nagano

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To evaluate the possibility of selective hyperthermia following transcatheter arterial embolization (TAE) with ferucarbotran using a newly developed inductive heating (IH) device. Twelve Japanese white rabbits were separated into four groups: those treated with TAE using a mixture of ferucarbotran and lipiodol (F-L group); those treated with ferucarbotran(More)
BACKGROUND The effects of inductive hyperthermia on lung cancer have yet to be fully investigated. Magnetic nanoparticles used in inductive hyperthermia are made-to-order and expensive. This study was performed to investigate the use of ferucarbotran in inductive hyperthermia and to clarify whether inductive hyperthermia using ferucarbotran promotes(More)
Compared with the knowledge of maternal care, much less is known about the factors required for paternal parental care. Here we report that new sires of laboratory mice, though not spontaneously parental, can be induced to show maternal-like parental care (pup retrieval) using signals from dams separated from their pups. During this interaction, the(More)
We developed a dextran-magnetite conjugated cisplatin (DM-Cis) complex for use in thermal ablation and as a chemotherapeutic drug. To produce DM-Cis we reacted Cis with 1 mL DM (56 mg/mL iron). The temperature rise of DM-Cis was measured in vitro and in vivo under a portable induction-heating (IH) device. Platinum desorption from DM-Cis over 24 hours was(More)
MRI contrast agents, Feridex and Resovist have superparamagnetic substance as an active ingredients. Feridex does not show temperature rise under AC magnetic field. In contrast Resovist shows temperature rise under the same condition. We simulated the optimum frequency on Resovist using phantom and found it is 140 kHz. However treatable cancer volume was(More)
OBJECTIVE AND METHODS This study was performed to clarify the usefulness of inductive heating system for the new endodontic therapy. Dextran magnetite complex (DM) suspensions were injected into the root canal of a permanent tooth, and the tooth was heated up to about 55.0 degrees C by alternating-current magnetic field. RESULTS AND CONCLUSION The time(More)
It is important to determine the location of electromagnetic noise sources within the electrical and electronic equipment under real operating conditions, to reduce the undesired noise emissions from the equipment. In this work we develop a system to locate electromagnetic sources, especially low-frequency (< MHz) magnetic dipoles (current loops), by(More)
We developed the estimation system of electric parameters. For the non-magnetic materials, the estimated relative permeability was the same as the nominal values. For the ferromagnetic materials, the estimated relative permeability varied 0% to 30% from the nominal values. For both types of materials, the estimated conductivities were 0% to 9.8% different(More)