Isamu Hanada

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AIMS Studies on immunosuppressive treatment with tacrolimus (Tac) in subjects with lupus nephritis (LN) are limited. Here, we report our experience with Tac administered daily as a single-dose for maintenance therapy in young patients with pediatric-onset, long-standing LN. METHODS Eleven consecutive patients with long-standing biopsy-proven LN were(More)
The shift response (McIlwain or peripheral effect) was elicited by either flashing or shifting a grating while the receptive field (RF) was covered by a 30 ° mask in the cat. The responses elicited by shifting the grating was comparable to that elicited by flashing the grating. In 10% of the units, the on- and off-responses elicited by flashing the grating(More)
The pupillary light reflex of 15 strabismic and anisometropic amblyopes, and eight subjects who had recovered from functional amblyopia was studied by using an infrared electropupillogram. Ten of the fifteen amblyopes had significantly longer latencies of contraction when the amblyopic eyes were stimulated than when the normal eyes were stimulated. However,(More)
In Western countries, gene alterations involving the CRLF2-JAK signaling pathway are identified in approximately 50-60% of patients with Down syndrome-associated acute lymphoblastic leukemia (DS-ALL), and this pathway is considered a potential therapeutic target. The frequency of BTG1 deletions in DS-ALL is controversial. IKZF1 deletions, found in 20-30% of(More)
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