Isam Sharif

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Complement-mediated inflammation exacerbates the tissue injury of ischaemic necrosis in heart attacks and strokes, the most common causes of death in developed countries. Large infarct size increases immediate morbidity and mortality and, in survivors of the acute event, larger non-functional scars adversely affect long-term prognosis. There is thus an(More)
In this paper, we have presented a new method for computing the best-fitted rectangle for closed regions using their boundary points. The vertices of the best-fitted rectangle are computed using a bisection method starting with the upper-estimated rectangle and the under-estimated rectangle. The vertices of the upper- and under-estimated rectangles are(More)
We describe two middle-aged men whose chronic orofacial pain was caused by underlying meningiomas. In both cases treatment was delayed because evolving dentoalveolar and possible chronic idiopathic facial pain had been investigated before presentation. Subsequent disturbances of the ipsilateral VII (and later VIII) nerves prompted magnetic resonance imaging(More)
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