Isaiah J Davies

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A pilot study of the perceptual characteristics of ultrasonic textured images is described. Scans of four models performed on four real-time machines optimised for display of a normal liver were used. A trial with 22 observers indicated that the model that gave images closest to the liver image varied between machines. A second, paired similarity test with(More)
PURPOSE This study tested the feasibility of using an upright eyedrop bottle (UEB), a device designed to assist patients with eyedrop placement without reclining their head. PATIENTS AND METHODS Experienced eyedrop users were enrolled who answered "yes" to the question, "Do you ever have trouble getting your eyedrops in?" After being shown a multimedia(More)
The reliability of agar gel electrophoresis in the measurement of high-affinity saturable estrogen-binding component in the cytosol of the rat pituitary gland and anterior hypothalamus was assessed. The available binding sites were determined in small samples with good precision and accuracy. Incubation with 100-fold competitor was more satisfactory than(More)
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