Isai Shperling

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Carcinoma of the oesophagus is endemic in certain well demarcated areas throughout the world, and a method of screening population groups at high risk for oesophageal cancer is urgently needed. In this study the sensitivity and specificity of the carbohydrate antigen CA19-9 as a marker of carcinoma of the oesophagus in African patients was examined. The(More)
The coexistence of hyperparathyroidism complicating thyrotoxicosis is quite rare. We report the case of one patient who presented with thyrotoxicosis, (total thyroxine of 15.1 micrograms/dl (5-13), free thyroxine index of 18 (4-15) and triiodothyronine by RIA of 305 ng/dl (70-230) and asymptomatic hypercalcemia of 15 mg/dl (8.5-10.6), who was also initially(More)
Using a modified method for alkalic dissociation, isolated ventricular cardiomyocytes were obtained from eight patients who had died of different diseases. The absolute number of cardiomyocytes, counted in the Fuchs-Rosenthal chamber, ranged between 1.10 x 10(9) and 3.25 x 10(9) in the left ventricle, and between 0.58 x 10(9) and 1.42 x 10(9) in the right(More)
Water tests on atrioventricular valves of 125 dead patients with cardiological diseases revealed in 2 of them (1.6%) sagging of mitral cusps in the direction of the left atrium. The valve insufficiency was caused by the rupture of chordal threads in rheumatic desorganization of the connective tissues, necrosis and sclerosis of the papillary muscles in(More)
Alkaline dissociation of cardiomyocytes was used for investigation of concentric and eccentric myocardial hypertrophy in 8 deceased patients with carions ventricular myocardial mass. For both ventricles and forms of hypertrophy the length, diameter and volume of the cells were found increased, the increase being proportional for the left ventricle (except(More)
Study of the DNA content in nuclei and of the number of polynuclear cardiomyocytes in the left auricula atrii and the left ventricle wall in the operation and biopsy material of patients with mitral valvular disease showed hypertrophy to be accompanied by polyploidization and division of the nuclei as well as division of cardiomyocytes themselves.
A possibility of a peculiar method for division of myocardial cells and nuclei--longitudinal splitting--has been studied in hypertrophic hearts of 19 corpses. Morphological examination of the myocardium (separate weighing of the cardiac ventricles, measuring of myocardial components and muscular fibres in microphotos of transversal sections) has not(More)
The weight and volume values of heart ventricles from patients dying of cardio-vascular and some other diseases were studied. Measuring of sarcomeres in freely fixed and controlled pressure-fixed hearts showed that with the former method of fixation heart ventricles were contracted and the volume of their cavity approached the tidal volume. In freely fixed(More)