Isai Feldman

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Methanol solutions of hydrochlorothiazide and chlorothiazide were irradiated with fluorescent UV-A lamps in order to simulate degradation under normal conditions. The degradation products were identified by comparison to synthetic standards featuring electrospray ionization mass spectroscopy, ultraviolet spectroscopy, and high performance liquid(More)
Experimental evidence is presented, demonstrating the feasibility of a surface-patterning strategy that allows stepwise electrochemical generation and subsequent in situ metallization of patterns of carboxylic acid functions on the outer surfaces of highly ordered OTS monolayers assembled on silicon or on a flexible polymeric substrate. The patterning(More)
To probe the effects of the substrate, glucose, and the cofactor, Mg2+, on the structure of hexokinase (ATP:D-hexose 6-phosphotransferase, EC, titrations of the tryptophan fluorescence of yeast hexokinase isozyme P-II(B) were performed. Acrylamide was used as a quenching titrant in the absence and in the presence of glucose and Mg2+ singly and(More)
Titrations of the tryptophan fluorescence of yeast hexokinase (ATP:D-hexose 6-phosphortransferase, EC isozymes P-I (A) and P-II (B) were performed with Mg2+, Li+, Na+ and K+ as titrant in absence and in presence of glucose, and vice versa, at pH 8.3 and 5.5 at 20 degrees C. Mg2+ quenches the fluorescence of surface tryptophan primarily and does so(More)