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Foundry is an important industry that supplies key castings to other industries where they are critical. Hence, foundry castings are subject to very strict safety controls to assure the quality of the manufactured castings. One of the type of flaws that may appear in the castings are defects on the surface; in particular, our work focuses in inclusions,(More)
The past decades have seen a growing interest in underwater wireless communications researches, but this faces many challenges, specially through physical processes that cause impact in this communication technique. Despite this, underwater wireless networks seems to be a good solution for water quality monitoring in pisciculture tanks, since this service(More)
Mechanical properties are the features that measure the ability of a metal to withstand several loads and tensions. Specifically, ultimate tensile strength is the force a material can resist until it finally breaks. This property is one of the variables controlled during the foundry process. The only way to examine this feature is to apply destructive(More)
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