Isadora Arruda

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The telomerase ribonucleoprotein catalyzes the addition of new telomeres onto chromosome ends. A gene encoding a mammalian telomerase homolog called TP1 (telomerase-associated protein 1) was identified and cloned. TP1 exhibited extensive amino acid similarity to the Tetrahymena telomerase protein p80 and was shown to interact specifically with mammalian(More)
This pilot project was designed to determine if normal kids could be produced after microinjection in pronuclear embryos and subsequent transfer to recipients in a transgenic goat program in Brazil. Twelve donors of the Saanen breed and 17 recipients of an undefined breed were used. The estrus of both donors and recipients was synchronized by a standard(More)
Seventeen adult and cyclic Moxoto goats were synchronized using 60 mg MPA vaginal sponge for 11 days and 50 mug cloprostenol, 48 h before sponge removal, and superovulated with 120 mg pFSH i.m. in decreasing doses at 12 h intervals for three consecutive days. In seven goats, 0.2 IU/kg BW/day of long acting insulin was subcutaneously injected at same time as(More)
Nanotechnology techniques have a prominent role in the current technical and scientific scene. The layer-by-layer (LbL) deposition allows obtaining nanostructures with sophisticated multilayer, using a simple, but versatile technique. This procedure, which is used to coat and functionalize surfaces with nanometer- thick films, has applications in(More)
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