Isabelle Vade

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Most of the phosphoinositide-3 kinase (PI3K) kinase inhibitors currently in clinical trials for cancer treatment exhibit pan PI3K isoform profiles. Single PI3K isoforms differentially control tumorigenesis, and PI3Kβ has emerged as the isoform involved in the tumorigenicity of PTEN-deficient tumors. Herein we describe the discovery and optimization of a new(More)
From a HTS campaign, a new series of pyrimidone anilides exemplified by compound 1 has been identified with good inhibitory activity for the PI3Kβ isoform. The structure of compound 1 in PI3Kγ was solved revealing a binding mode in agreement with the SAR observed on PI3Kβ. These compounds displayed inhibition in the nanomolar range in the biochemical assay(More)
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