Isabelle Sothier

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DNA and RNA labeling and detection are key steps in nucleic acid-based technologies, used in medical research and molecular diagnostics. We report here the synthesis, reactivity, and potential of a new type of labeling molecule, m-(N-Biotinoylamino)phenylmethyldiazomethane (m-BioPMDAM), that reacts selectively and efficiently with phosphates in nucleotide(More)
We show here a new and efficient aqueous chemistry for labeling of any class of nucleic acids for their detection on DNA chip. The labels contain a diazo function as reactive moiety and biotin as detectable unit. The highly selective reaction of diazo group on the phosphate does not disrupt base pairing recognition and hybridization specificity.
An efficient strategy for nucleic acid labeling and analysis on deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) chips has been developed. This approach, which combines the fragmentation and the labeling steps, is based on the reactivity of the phosphates of DNA and ribonucleic acid (RNA) fragments and is using reporter molecules bearing a bromomethyl- or(More)
A new and efficient strategy for labeling of nucleic acids prior to their hybridization on high density DNA chip has been developed. Our approach which combines the fragmentation and the labeling is based on the reactivity of the terminal phosphates of cleaved DNA and RNA fragments with a reporter molecule bearing aryldiazomethane group.
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