Isabelle Siaud

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In this article, time reversal (TR) signal processing techniques are studied and evaluated over novel realistic green use cases. The principles of TR are first explained and practical use cases for green communications are designed considering long-term evolution-advanced coordinated multipoint (LTE-A CoMP) transmission/reception, fast session transfer(More)
This paper presents a novel scalable block interleaving algorithm based on a turbo structure leading to an interleaving spreading optimization and a multi-level structure preserving special data multiplexing at the PHY layer level. These properties are assessed and optimized upon binary stream using 16-QAM data symbols to deliver bit rates near 1 Gbps over(More)
A novel adaptive block interleaving algorithm is designed and applied to OFDM sub-carriers of a Very High Data Rate Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) operating at 60 GHz. The OFDM system arises from UWB-OFDM WPAN studies carried out within the phase 1 of the IST-FP6 MAGNET project. The algorithm utilizes modulo operations and a turbo-based structure to(More)
Triggered by the explosion of mobile traffic, 5G cellular network requires evolution to increase the system rate 1000 times higher than the current systems in 10 years. Motivated by this common problem, this paper studies to integrate mm-wave access into current cellular networks as multi-band heterogeneous networks to exploit the ultrawideband aspect of(More)
This paper describes a pragmatic approach on the up-conversion of WiMedia compliant UWB signals into the 60 GHz band. This dual band concept is based on propagation measurements at {3.1-10.6} and 60 GHz. Due to stringent frequency regulation, UWB systems operating in the 3.1 to 10.6 GHz bands are both bandwidth limited and power limited. Therefore, many(More)
Within a competitive context the wireless local loop is emerging as an alternative to the traditional wireline network. This solution is attractive because o f its low capital cost and its flexible deployment. Nevertheless a propagation channel study has to be performed so as to develop specific engineering tools and propagation models. This paper presents(More)
Fifth generation (5G) technical requirements turned toward end-to-end capacity increase with limited latency and constant network power consumption involve dedicated research topics. Multiple radio access techniques are one of the most promising paradigm safeguarding throughput increase and seamless connectivity in heterogeneous networks. Link adaptation(More)
With the data explosion coming, research on green communications experiences a growing interest in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) world. At the same time, Time Reversal (TR) has been identified as a good green candidate owing to its low-complexity and its ability to focus energy in both spatial and temporal domains allowing for(More)