Isabelle Saint-Cyr

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INTRODUCTION Scytalidium is an endemic mold in tropical and subtropial areas. Our purpose was to study the prevalence and clinical and epidemiological features of onychomycoses due to Scytalidium in Martinique (French West Indies). PATIENTS AND METHODS We performed a prospective study on 106 patients (46 men and 60 women) with clinical onychomycosis, in(More)
BACKGROUND Mycetoma is a chronic subcutaneous tumefaction with presence of grains or granules. Etiological agents include bacteria or filamentous fungi. Mycetoma due to dermatophytes is uncommon, mainly occurring in Africa. To our knowledge, no case has been reported in the West Indies. Only two observations of Micosporum canis mycetoma in humans have been(More)
INTRODUCTION Among the dematiaceous fungi responsible for human or animal phaeohyphomycosis, the Exophiala genus is a well-known etiologic agent and presently includes nine species considered as opportunist pathogens. To our knowledge, Exophiala spinifera has been reported as causative agent of only thirteen cases of cutaneous or systemic phaeohyphomycosis.(More)
Cannabis arteritis manifests in cannabis users, independently of tobacco consumption. Around 50 cases were reported in the literature since the first description of this entity in 1960. We report the case of a 36-year-old man, cannabis user, without vascular risk factor who developed digital necrosis on the right foot. The pedal pulses were not palpable. He(More)
BACKGROUND Leprosy and vitiligo are common affections in the West Indies. Vitiligo frequently occurs in lepromatous patients, an observation rarely reported in the literature. METHODS We studied the prevalence of vitiligo in patients affected by leprosy by performing a retrospective study between 1978 and 1999 in the French West Indies (Martinique). (More)
INTRODUCTION Imatinib (Glivec) is a new therapeutic molecule used for the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia. Cutaneous side effects with this treatment are common but lichenoid drug eruption is exceptional. We report the first case with profuse cutaneous lichen. CASE REPORT A 52 year-old woman presented with a 5-year history of chronic myeloid(More)
BACKGROUND Melanoma blood vessel metastases are very uncommon. We report the first recorded case of intravascular metastatic melanoma of the vena saphena magna. CASE REPORT A 74-year-old woman presented with a swelling of the upper third of her left thigh and was suspected of superficial thrombophlebitis. Two intravascular black masses were excised in the(More)
Environmental factors are thought to influence the genetic transmission of vitiligo, and may change in families of different extraction. Most studies on vitiligo have been performed in occidental countries or in India, therefore, our purpose was to study the familial vitiligo aggregation in Martinique (French West Indies). Data on 16 families were collected(More)
BACKGROUND Drug-induced panniculitis are uncommon. We report the second case of panniculitis induced by MINE chemotherapy. CASE REPORT A 31-year-old woman with relapsed Hodgkin disease was treated with MINE cytostatic regimen. Multiple erythematous and painful nodules of panniculitis developed on her chest, abdomen and thighs fifteen days after the(More)
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