Isabelle Riedl

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A compromised muscle function due to aging, sarcopenia and reduced level of physical activity can lead to metabolic complications and chronic diseases. Endurance exercise counters these diseases by inducing beneficial adaptations whose molecular mechanisms remain unclear. We have investigated the transcriptomic changes following mild-intensity endurance(More)
INTRODUCTION Trefoil factor family member 2 (Tff2) is a small gut peptide, mainly known for its protective and healing functions. As previously demonstrated, high-fat (HF) feeding can rapidly and specifically modulate Tff2 transcription in key tissues of mice, including the duodenum and mesenteric adipose tissue, therefore suggesting a novel role for this(More)
In postmenopausal women, prevalence of metabolic syndrome (MS) is 40%. Aging is associated with a decline in basal metabolic rate and an alteration in tissue metabolism, leading to MS. Hormonal therapy has been shown to be effective against some of the MS-related features but its effects on sarcopenia and skeletal muscle metabolism remain unclear. We have(More)
So called Liesegang's rings are lamellar corpuscles which develop after periodical precipitation of oversaturated solutions in gel medium. They can occur in cysts, closed cavities, inflammatory exudates and necroses. They resemble parasitic eggs, larvae or adult forms. A case of 28-year-old woman is presented with many Liesegang's rings in a stuff from(More)
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