Isabelle Pearson

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A triage system was established as the initiating mechanism for a trauma team response to assist the assessment and early management of patients presenting to an accident and emergency department. A checklist of triage criteria was used. During a 6-month period, 342 patients (29.7% of trauma admissions) satisfied the triage criteria, which should have(More)
Regional differences in the prevalence of goitre in Britain were recognized during the early part of the last century (Inglis, 1838) and there is evidence that these still persist (Kilpatrick, Milne, Rushbrooke, Wilson, and Wilson, 1963). The importance of iodine deficiency in the pathogenesis of goitre has been established beyond reasonable doubt, though(More)
STUDY DESIGN Controlled laboratory study using a cross-sectional, repeated-measures design. OBJECTIVES To quantify maximal voluntary isometric neck forces in healthy subjects and individuals with whiplash-associated disorder (WAD), using an objective measurement system to evaluate the test-retest properties of these strength measurements and to assess the(More)
A team approach to the initial assessment, investigation and management of potentially seriously injured patients has been instituted. Team members are alerted through an emergency paging system which is activated when a patient fulfills one of a predetermined list of criteria relating to the injury incident, physiological status of the patients and(More)
STUDY DESIGN Qualitative study using interpretive description methodology. OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to better understand how ethical issues are experienced by university sports team athletic therapists and physical therapists. BACKGROUND In clinical practice, sports teams are associated with a range of ethical issues. Issues commonly(More)