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Characteristics of laser stimulation by near infrared pulses of retinal and vestibular primary neurons.
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The optical stimulation of neurons from pulsed infrared lasers has appeared over the last years as an alternative to classical electric stimulations based on conventionalExpand
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Infrared laser stimulation of retinal and vestibular neurons
The study of laser-neuron interaction has gained interest over the last few years not only for understanding of fundamental mechanisms but also for medical applications such as prosthesis because ofExpand
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Acoustic counting and monitoring of shad fish populations
To estimate the population of migrating shad fish in rivers, a method analysing acoustic signals during spawning is proposed. This method is based on a short-term spectral analysis, combined with aExpand
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Orientation and Mobility with Prosthetic Vision - Combination of Luminosity and Depth Information for Scene Representation
Recent advances in visual prostheses raise good hope for enhancement of late blind people performances in daily life tasks. Autonomy in mobility is a major factor of quality of life and ongoingExpand
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Conception d'un système de vision par phosphènes
Ces travaux s'inscrivent dans le cadre plus general de la realisation d'une prothese visuelle, destinee aux personnes atteintes de cecite tardive due a une maladie degenerative des cellules photoExpand
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Phytoœstrogènes chez la femme ménopausée
Bien que le traitement hormonal substitutif (hormone replacement therapy, HRT) soit le traitement le plus efficace des symptomes associes a la menopause, des etudes plus recentes et plus rigoureusesExpand
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Millisecond infrared laser pulses depolarize and elicit action potentials on in-vitro dorsal root ganglion neurons.
This work focuses on the optical stimulation of dorsal root ganglion (DRG) neurons through infrared laser light stimulation. We show that a few millisecond laser pulse at 1875 nm induces a membraneExpand
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Physical fitness is associated with prostaglandin F2α isomers during pregnancy.
INTRODUCTION Pregnancy and physical activity are associated with oxidative stress and immune changes. We hypothesized that pregnant women physically more active in early pregnancy will display aExpand
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Automatic acoustic recognition of shad splashing using a smartphone
Monitoring the numbers of shad (Alosa fallax rhodanensis , Rhodanian twaite shad) at their reproduction sites in the Rhone basin is an important step for measuring inter-annual changes in theirExpand
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Concert by El Chojín
Thanks to Ignite Fund and the Instituto Cervantes in Manchester, we are proud to announce the concert by Spanish Rap Artist El Chojin.