Isabelle Lévesque

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With ageing the immune system is deregulated and this leads to the development of immunosenescence mainly affecting the adaptive immune response. There is much knowledge accumulated concerning various receptor functions and signalling with ageing such as TCR, FcRs, TLRs. Cytokines are playing a major role in haematopoietic cell functions and in the(More)
We report the specific detection of a few hundred molecules of genetic material using a fluorescent polythiophene biosensor. Such recognition is based on simple electrostatic interactions between a cationic polymeric optical transducer and the negatively charged nucleic acid target and can be done in less than 1 h, simply and affordably, and without any(More)
Cross signal contributions between an analyte and its internal standard (IS) are very common due to impurities in reference standards and/or isotopic interferences. Despite the general awareness of this issue, how exactly they affect quantitation in LC-MS based bioanalysis has not been systematically evaluated. In this research, such evaluations were(More)
It has been suggested that health literacy may impact the use of decision aids (DAs) among patients facing difficult decisions. Embedded in the pilot test of a questionnaire, this study aimed to measure the association between health literacy and pregnant women’s intention to use a DA to decide about prenatal screening. We recruited a convenience sample of(More)
BACKGROUND Health professionals are expected to engage pregnant women in shared decision making to help them make informed values-based decisions about prenatal screening. Patient decision aids (PtDAs) foster shared decision-making, but are rarely used in this context. Our objective was to identify factors that could influence health professionals to use a(More)
Hemolysis is a common phenomenon in clinical studies. Despite the growing interest in hemolysis matrix effect, how hemolysis impacts the representability of hemolyzed plasma samples was rarely evaluated. The purpose of this research is to perform such an evaluation by theoretical consideration and experiment. A formula for estimating the impact is proposed,(More)
BACKGROUND Patient decision aids (PtDAs) help people make difficult, values-sensitive decisions. Prenatal screening for assessing the risk of genetic conditions in the fetus is one such decision and patient decision aids are rarely used in this clinical context. We sought to identify factors influencing pregnant women's use of a patient decision aid for(More)
Rational design of meta-linked oligophenylbutadiynylene (OPBD) derivatives was conducted in order to gain insight into their gelation properties and reactivity toward topochemical polymerization to yield polydiacetylenes (PDAs). Different structural parameters influencing the gel formation such as the presence of peripheral 2-hydroxyethoxy side chains and(More)
BACKGROUND Deciding about undergoing prenatal screening is difficult, as it entails risks, potential loss and regrets, and challenges to personal values. Shared decision making and decision aids (DAs) can help pregnant women give informed and values-based consent or refusal to prenatal screening, but little is known about factors influencing the use of DAs.(More)
Rigid organic nanotubes were prepared from six-membered phenylene-butadiynylene macrocycles through topochemical polymerization in the xerogel state. All six butadiyne units underwent polymerization, thus creating rigid nanotubes with six polydiacetylene chains lying parallel, one relative to each other.