Isabelle Herry

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Angiomyolipomas are very common in patients with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) and cause substantial morbidity. Until now, arterial embolization has been the recommended treatment for symptomatic patients. We report the case of a woman with TSC and giant angiolipomas in whom sirolimus induced a dramatic reduction in bilateral renal tumors.
Tuberculosis (TB) contributes to the progression of HIV disease but, so far, the mechanism involved is not clear. Several cytokines accumulating in vivo at the site of mycobacterial infection up-regulate HIV expression in vitro. In this study, we assessed the role of pleural fluids recovered from seronegative patients with TB on HIV replication in acutely(More)
Respiratory manifestations of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) are frequent. They include respiratory muscle abnormalities, which have been implicated in the pathogenesis of the "shrinking lung syndrome" (SLS). We report the case of a patient with this syndrome, in whom diaphragmatic paralysis due to demyelinating phrenic lesions was diagnosed at the same(More)
The phenotypic and functional properties of T cells recovered from the lung indicate that many of these cells have been recently activated. Because such recently activated cells are often more susceptible to death through apoptotic mechanisms, the viability of lung T cells recovered from bronchoalveolar lavage and those isolated from peripheral blood was(More)
An unusual case of life-threatening visceral larva migrans (toxocariasis) is reported herein. The patient was admitted with acute dyspnea and bilateral pleural effusion; rapidly pericardial tamponade developed. Blood and body fluid eosinophilia were elevated. Extensive investigations revealed no malignant process or vasculitis, but Toxocara infection was(More)
We report five cases of alveolar hemorrhage associated with intravascular hemolysis in patients with AIDS. Cytomegalovirus was the only pathogen recovered from the lungs of these patients. There was evidence of multivisceral spread of the virus in all patients, and all had viremia. All had clinical, biological, and pathological features of pulmonary(More)
This report presents the case of a 73 yr-old female in whom kyphoscoliosis, osteoporotic vertebra compression fractures and sternal injury resulted in severe respiratory failure and hypoxaemia. Pulmonary function testing showed moderate restrictive pattern and rare mismatches were found on lung ventilation/perfusion scanning. Transoesophageal(More)