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QUESTIONS UNDER STUDY To describe a population-based sample of patients with diabetes and the quality of their care in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland, as a baseline measure for the evaluation of the "Programme cantonal Diabète". METHODS We conducted a self-administered paper-based questionnaire survey. Non-institutionalised adult (aged ≥18 years)(More)
Physical activity has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular risk and the well-being in patients with type 2 diabetes. Thereby, both aerobic physical activities and resistance activities are recommended. DIAfit is a programm for patients with type 2 diabetes that is being implemented in Switzerland. Its objective is to allow the initiation of a(More)
Title: Awareness and practices regarding eye diseases among patients with diabetes: a cross sectional analysis of the CoDiab-VD cohort Authors: Lazaros Konstantinidis ( Tania Carron ( Eva de Ancos ( Léonie Chinet ( Isabelle Hagon-Traub(More)
BACKGROUND The increasing prevalence of diabetes is leading to a rise of eye diseases, augmenting the risk of sight-threatening complications. The aim of this study was to evaluate prevalence, awareness and practices regarding eye diseases among patients with diabetes in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland. METHODS A cohort of 323 patients with diabetes(More)
Switzerland is affected by a "diabetes epidemic". It is estimated that one in fifteen adult is affected by this disease. The human costs are consistent with more than 2/3 of the costs of diabetes related to complications. To reduce the impact of the disease on the population of the canton of Vaud, the "Cantonal Diabetes Program" is a program to slow the(More)
Practitioners can be faced with cases of diabetes that do not clearly correspond to the clinical characteristics of type 1 or type 2 diabetes. They should take into account forms of diabetes such as MODY or LADA, which often go unrecognised in spite of significant prevalence. Various tests can be conducted to measure insulin secretion and resistance, and to(More)
Intrahospital hyperglycemia (> 6,1 mol/l fasting, > 10 mmol/l non-fasting) is associated with a poor outcome even in non-diabetic patients, and warrants tight glycemic controls often with insulin therapy. The preferred regimen termed "intensive therapy" meets basal requirements (approximately 50% daily needs) with a long acting preparation, supplemented(More)
Learning to live with a chronic condition is one of the greatest challenges regarding health today, either at individual or societal level. Type 1 diabetes affecting young people and their family raises new care delivery. Proximity structures, inserted into the regional network, accessible and responsive to the needs of patients and their families, are thus(More)
Background and problem statement: Diabetes constitutes a major burden for communities in terms of morbidity, mortality and healthcare costs. The canton of Vaud plans to implement a prevention and chronic disease management program for diabetes. Methods: Meetings gathering cantonal and academic specialists in prevention and public health, GPs and specialists(More)