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In 15 adult sheep, the saphenous nerve (28 +/- 1.8 cm) was used for ipsilateral or for cross-nerve grafting and was sutured to the proximal stump of the cut, motor-nerve branch of the vastus muscle. The distal end of the nerve graft was left without a target organ. Semi-thin cross sections of normal vastus nerves and saphenous grafts and of the distal ends(More)
In difficult reconstructions, ipsilateral or cross-over nerve grafting is sometimes necessary to achieve reinnervation and motor function. This experimental study in sheep was to answer the question of limitation of elongation of a motor nerve by grafting, the question of the optimal time for suturing the nerve graft to the muscle nerve, and the question of(More)
Although CD8(+) T cells have been implied in the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis (MS), the molecular mechanisms mediating CD8(+) T-cell migration across the blood-brain barrier (BBB) into the central nervous system (CNS) are ill defined. Using in vitro live cell imaging, we directly compared the multistep extravasation of activated CD4(+) and CD8(+) T(More)
The effectiveness of medicinal herbs in both a toothpaste and oral rinse on dental plaque, sulcus bleeding, and the pH of total saliva was investigated in a single-blind study on 50 dentistry students between the ages of 23 and 28 years. Over a period of 4 weeks, 25 students used either placebo or preparations containing medicinal herbs. Parameters measured(More)
AIM Constant-load treadmill testing is frequently used to estimate walking ability of patients with peripheral arterial disease and to assess changes in functional capacity following therapeutic interventions or through disease progression. The value of this test has frequently been disputed based on doubts concerning its reproducibility. The aim of this(More)
A survey of publications dealing with vascularized nerve grafts is given. The advantages and disadvantages are discussed by analyzing the published data. Until now the superiority of vascularized nerve grafts has not been proven by the published experimental and clinical results. This fact was underlined by the results of our own experimental(More)
40 patients from both gender were examined to determine if there is a correlation between periodontal indices and periotest values. As a result we were able to show that the pocket depth correlates with the periotest values for all tooth groups. On the other hand SBI correlates with the periotest values only for the premolars in upper and the front in lower(More)
PURPOSE Evaluation of the incidence of a midline sternal foramen, as a developmental anomaly, in order to avoid fatal complications following sternal puncture of sternal acupuncture treatment. MATERIAL AND METHODS 100 chest computed tomograms were evaluated in reference to the incidence of this anomaly and its various features. RESULTS The variety of CT(More)