Isabelle Germain

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PURPOSE To report interim cosmetic and toxicity results of a multicenter randomized trial comparing accelerated partial-breast irradiation (APBI) using three-dimensional conformal external beam radiation therapy (3D-CRT) with whole-breast irradiation (WBI). PATIENTS AND METHODS Women age > 40 years with invasive or in situ breast cancer ≤ 3 cm were(More)
OBJECTIVES Dysphagia affects 35% to 60% of the institutionalized elderly population. This study aimed at evaluating the nutrient intake of frail institutionalized elderly persons with dysphagia and to assess the impact of Sainte-Anne's Hospital Advanced Nutritional Care program on dietary intake and weight. DESIGN A 12-week intervention study. (More)
PURPOSE To evaluate factors associated with adverse cosmesis outcome in breast cancer patients randomized to accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) using 3-dimensional conformal radiation therapy or whole-breast irradiation in the RAPID (Randomized Trial of Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation) trial. METHODS AND MATERIALS Subjects were trial(More)
PURPOSE To assess disease control and acute and chronic toxicity with aperture-based intensity-modulated radiotherapy (AB-IMRT) for postoperative pelvic irradiation of endometrial cancer. METHODS AND MATERIALS Between January and July 2005, after hysterectomy for endometrial cancer, 15 patients received 45 Gy to the pelvis using AB-IMRT. The AB-IMRT plans(More)
3090 Background: Tumor hypoxia is known to decrease radiation sensitivity of solid tumors. RSR13, a novel radiation sensitizer, is an allosteric modifier of hemoglobin. RSR13 reduces the oxygen-binding affinity of hemoglobin to facilitate the release of oxygen, leading to an increase in tumor oxygenation. METHODS A total of 538 patients across phase 1(More)
7115 Background: Brain metastases (BM) represent a common cause of morbidity and mortality among cancer patients. WBRT is the primary treatment for these patients; however, differences in the prognosis of these patients have been reported for those with synchronous disease (simultaneous diagnosis of primary tumor and BM within 1 month) versus metachronous(More)
Markers of chemoresistance have been rarely investigated in human ovarian cancer. This study evaluates the clinical value in ovarian cancer of metallothionein (MT), heat-shock protein-27 (HSP-27) and glutathione-S-transferase pi and alpha (GST pi, GST alpha), recognized for their relation with drug resistance in vitro. The expression of these markers was(More)
611 Background: To assess the prognostic value of the number of nodes removed and the ratio of positive nodes after breast conservative approach. METHODS A retrospective study including all breast cancer patients treated by conservative surgery between 1970 and 1997 at the Hotel-Dieu de Quebec. Kaplan-Meier and Cox multivariate analysis using known(More)
PURPOSE Retrospective analysis of the influence of clinical and technical factors on local control and survival after radiosurgery for brain metastasis. PATIENTS AND METHODS From January 1994 to December 1996, 42 patients presenting with 71 metastases underwent radiosurgery for brain metastasis. The median age was 56 years and the median Karnofsky index(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate dosimetric and treatment delivery advantages of aperture-based intensity-modulated radiotherapy (AB-IMRT) for the treatment of patients receiving whole pelvic radiotherapy for gynecologic malignancies. METHODS AND MATERIALS Nineteen patients undergoing pelvic radiotherapy after resection of endometrial cancers were selected. A 45-Gy(More)