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The zona pellucida domain (ZPD) defines a conserved family of membrane-anchored matrix proteins that are, as yet, poorly characterized with respect to their functions during development. Using genetic approaches in flies, we show here that a set of eight ZPD proteins is required for the localized reorganization of embryonic epidermal cells during(More)
It is well established that developmental programs act during embryogenesis to determine animal morphogenesis. How these developmental cues produce specific cell shape during morphogenesis, however, has remained elusive. We addressed this question by studying the morphological differentiation of the Drosophila epidermis, governed by a well-known circuit of(More)
The terminal differentiation of epithelial cells involves changes in the apical compartment, including remodeling of the cytoskeleton and junctions to modify its three-dimensional organization. It also often triggers the building of specialized extracellular matrices, the function of which remains poorly understood. Hundreds of extracellular matrix proteins(More)
The antarctic fish Notothenia coriiceps neglecta synthesizes eight antifreeze glycopeptides (AFGP 1-8; Mr 2600-34,000) to avoid freezing in its ice-laden freezing habitat. We report here the sequence of one of its AFGP genes. The structural gene contains 46 tandemly repeated segments, each encoding one AFGP peptide plus a 3-amino acid spacer. Most of the(More)
Developmental programs are implemented by regulatory interactions between Transcription Factors (TFs) and their target genes, which remain poorly understood. While recent studies have focused on regulatory cascades of TFs that govern early development, little is known about how the ultimate effectors of cell differentiation are selected and controlled. We(More)
Mutations in nebulin, a giant muscle protein with 185 actin-binding nebulin repeats, are the major cause of nemaline myopathy in humans. Nebulin sets actin thin filament length in sarcomeres, potentially by stabilizing thin filaments in the I-band, where nebulin and thin filaments coalign. However, the precise role of nebulin in setting thin filament length(More)
Photophysical and photochemical measurements have been made on a series of novel alpha octa(alkyl-substituted) silicon, zinc and palladium phthalocyanines for which the synthesis is outlined. Fluorescence quantum yields and lifetimes, triplet quantum yields and lifetimes and singlet delta oxygen quantum yields were measured in 1% v/v pyridine in toluene.(More)
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