Isabelle Farine

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A rapid and precise nerve fascicle identification method based on the enzymatic activity of choline acetyltransferase (choline acetylase, or ChAC) is described. Motor nerve facicles demonstrated significantly higher ChAC activity in comparison to sensory nerve facicles. Based on this difference in activity, matching of nerve fascicle cut ends is possible in(More)
One reason for failure of nerve recovery after suture or nerve grafting is the inappropriate matching of motor and sensory fibers. Methods used in attempting to solve this problem have either been unprecise, too time consuming, or unpleasant to the patient. Both experimentally and on cadaver samples, the level of choline acetylase activity is eight times(More)
The MUC1 glycoprotein is a major tumor associated anti-gen in human epithelial cancers in which it is overex-pressed and hypoglycosylated, in contrast to the heavily glycosylated form of MUC1 found at lower expression level in normal cells. The TG4010 immunotherapeutic product consists of a suspension of attenuated vaccinia virus (Ankara strain),(More)
The laser beam can be adapted for use as a surgical cutting instrument. It was chosen for this purpose in the extirpation of an osteoma of the skull. Its removal by conventional means was believed to be too dangerous, because of surrounding vascularity. The nature and properties of the beam and its surgical applications are discussed briefly.
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