Isabelle Charpentier

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Hierarchic families of finite elements are widely used in higher order finite-element methods. Several hierarchic sets of basis functions for nodal, edge, and face elements are proposed by different authors in scientific literature. However, no general methodology exists for their construction. This paper presents an analysis of hierarchic families of(More)
With the interactive continuation tool Diamanlab, solution branches of a parametric nonlinear problem are computed as sets of Taylor-based solutions stored in checkpoints. Theoretical aspects and implementation are generic, taking advantage of the efficient higher-order asymptotic numerical method in its Diamant form that interprets the generic nonlinear(More)
This paper is devoted to the presentation of a simple but powerful topological approach for the computation of basis functions involved in the expression of finite element interpolants. It deals with the so-called nodal and edge elements but similar considerations can be made for the construction of facet ones. All standard cells are treated including(More)