Isabelle Attali

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This article investigates the automatic distribution and parallelization of object-oriented programs. We formally deene a set of properties that allow to turn standard objects into active objects to be distributed on a network (local or wide area). We rst explain a principle of seamless sequential, multi-threaded and distributed programming using Java, that(More)
This article formally defines Eiffel dynamic binding in presence of renaming and redefinition. Message passing, inheritance, and polymorphism are expressed in an operational style using natural semantics. From the formal specification, we derive an algorithm to determine the appropriate version of a feature to apply to a given object. This algorithm, based(More)
SmartTools is a development environment generator that provides a structure editor and semantic tools as main features. The well-known visitor pattern technique is commonly used for designing semantic analysis, it has been automated and extended. SmartTools is easy to use thanks to its graphical user interface designed with the Java Swing APIs. It is built(More)
SmartTools is a semantic framework generator, based on XML and object technologies. Thanks to a process of automatic generation from specifications, SmartTools makes it possible to quickly develop environments dedicated to domain-specific and programming languages. Some of these specifications (XML, DTD, Schemas, XSLT) are issued from the W3C which is an(More)
We present a graphical environment for parallel object-oriented programming. It provides visual tools to develop and debug object-oriented programs as well as parallel or concurrent systems. This environment was derived from a structural operational semantics of an extension of the Eiffel language, Eiffel//. Object-related features of the language(More)
The integration of alias analysis with type information increases the precision of alias detection, especially for inheritance among classes. This paper presents a compile-time flow-sensitive context-insensitive alias analysis algorithm with type information for Java. First, we propose an aliased element representation for an object to compute aliases(More)
Natural Semantics is a logical formalism used to specify semantic aspects of a language by sets of logical rules (called a Typol program) where a query is proved using Prolog. In a previous paper, we have shown how to replace, under certain hypotheses, the Prolog engine by a functional evaluator; this is possible because uniication is no longer required and(More)
We present in this article a precise security model for data confidentiality in the framework of ASP (Asynchronous Sequential Processes). ASP is based on active objects, asyn-chronous communications, and data-flow synchronizations. We extend it with security levels attached to activities (active objects) and transmitted data. We design a security model that(More)
We propose a flow-sensitive context-insensitive alias analysis in Java that is more efficient and precise than previous analyses in C++. For that, we propose a reference-set alias representation. Second, we present the propagation rules for the reference-set alias representation. Third, for the type determination, the type table is built with reference(More)