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Something borrowed, everything new: innovation and institutionalization in urban climate governance
The traditional view of climate governance is that local action is shaped by international agreements and national policies, the priorities of funders, and ideas advanced by nongovernmentalExpand
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Equity Impacts of Urban Land Use Planning for Climate Adaptation
A growing number of cities are preparing for climate change impacts by developing adaptation plans. However, little is known about how these plans and their implementation affect the vulnerability ofExpand
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Urban Climate Adaptation in the Global South
Cities throughout the world face the challenge of preparing for climate change impacts. Since urban climate adaptation is an emerging policy domain, however, few institutions exist to guide citiesExpand
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Roadmap towards justice in urban climate adaptation research
The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21) highlighted the importance of cities to climate action, as well as the unjust burdens borne by the world's most disadvantagedExpand
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From Toxic Sites to Parks as (Green) LULUs? New Challenges of Inequity, Privilege, Gentrification, and Exclusion for Urban Environmental Justice
As marginalized neighborhoods benefit from cleanup and environmental amenities often brought by municipal sustainability planning, recent trends of land revaluation, investments, and gentrificationExpand
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Between activism and science: Grassroots concepts for sustainability coined by Environmental Justice Organizations
In their own battles and strategy meetings since the early 1980s, EJOs (environmental justice organizations) and their networks have introduced several concepts to political ecology that have alsoExpand
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Variations in approaches to urban climate adaptation: Experiences and experimentation from the global South
Abstract In recent years, an increasing number of local governments are recognizing the impact of climate change on different urban sectors. This has led many to pursue climate adaptation planning,Expand
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Inclusive approaches to urban climate adaptation planning and implementation in the Global South
As cities increasingly engage in climate adaptation planning, many are seeking to promote public participation and facilitate the engagement of different civil society actors. Still, the variationsExpand
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Assessing green gentrification in historically disenfranchised neighborhoods: a longitudinal and spatial analysis of Barcelona
ABSTRACT To date, little is known about the extent to which the creation of municipal green spaces over an entire city addresses social or racial inequalities in the distribution of environmentalExpand
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Elucidating the changing roles of civil society in urban sustainability transitions
Understanding the diversifying role of civil society in Europe’s sustainability pathway is a valid proposition both scientifically and socially. Civil society organisations already play a significantExpand
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