Isabelle Ahrens-Fath

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A naturally occurring variant of the human androgen receptor (AR) named AR45 has been identified. It lacks the entire region encoded by exon 1 of the AR gene and is composed of the AR DNA-binding domain, hinge region and ligand-binding domain, preceded by a novel seven amino-acid long N-terminal extension. A survey of human tissues revealed that AR45 was(More)
Based on the observation of an increased number of paralogous genes in teleost fishes compared with other vertebrates and on the conserved synteny between duplicated copies, it has been shown that a whole genome duplication (WGD) occurred during the evolution of Actinopterygian fish. Comparative phylogenetic dating of this duplication event suggests that it(More)
Prostate adenocarcinoma is one of the most frequently diagnosed forms of cancer in the male population of the Western world. The pivotal role of androgen and its receptor in this disease has been abundantly documented and indeed, chemical castration and treatment with antiandrogens are now standard therapies. However, relapse is often observed after 18-24(More)
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