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05 Referenzraummethode und effiziente Datenanalyse als Basis optimierter Bewertungsprozesse komplexer Liegenschaften 05 / KGk. Analysis and optimization of the above-ground plant technology of deep geothermal heating plants (GHP) 06 Single molecule force spectroscopy reveals interaction strength between Streptococcus pneumoniae TIGR4 pilus-1 tip protein(More)
To monitor and predict the behaviour of a crowd, it is imperative that the technology used is based on an accurate understanding of crowd psychology. However, most simulations of evacuation scenarios rely on outdated assumptions about the way people behave or only consider the locomotion of pedestrian movement. We present a social model for pedestrian(More)
Social scientists have criticised computer models of pedestrian streams for their treatment of psychological crowds as mere aggregations of individuals. Indeed most models for evacuation dynamics use analogies from physics where pedestrians are considered as particles. Although this ensures that the results of the simulation match important physical(More)
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