Isabella Percopo

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A new photosynthetic planktonic marine dinoflagellate, Azadinium dexteroporum sp. nov., is described from the Gulf of Naples (South Tyrrhenian Sea, Mediterranean Sea). The plate formula of the species, Po, cp, X, 4', 3a, 6″, 6C, 5?S, 6‴ and 2″″, is typical for this recently described genus. Azadinium dexteroporum is the smallest rep-resentative of the genus(More)
A new nontoxic Pseudo-nitzschia species belonging to the P. pseudodelicatissima complex, P. arctica, was isolated from different areas of the Arctic. The erection of P. arctica is mainly supported by molecular data, since the species shares identical ultrastructure with another species in the complex, P. fryxelliana, and represents a new case of crypticity(More)
Azadinium dexteroporum is the first species of the genus described from the Mediterranean Sea and it produces different azaspiracids (AZA). The aims of this work were to characterize the toxin profile of the species and gain structural information on azaspiracids produced by the A. dexteroporum strain SZN-B848 isolated from the Gulf of Naples. Liquid(More)
Seventy-five diatom strains isolated from the Beaufort Sea (Canadian Arctic) in the summer of 2009 were characterized by light and electron microscopy (SEM and TEM), as well as 18S and 28S rRNA gene sequencing. These strains group into 20 genotypes and 17 morphotypes and are affiliated with the genera Arcocellulus, Attheya, Chaetoceros, Cylindrotheca,(More)
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