Isabella M.Y. Zanini

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Deregulated origin licensing and rereplication promote genome instability and tumorigenesis by largely elusive mechanisms. Investigating the consequences of Early mitotic inhibitor 1 (Emi1) depletion in human cells, previously associated with rereplication, we show by DNA fiber labeling that origin reactivation occurs rapidly, well before accumulation of(More)
Oncogene-induced DNA replication stress activates the DNA damage response (DDR), a crucial anticancer barrier. DDR inactivation in these conditions promotes genome instability and tumor progression, but the underlying molecular mechanisms are elusive. We found that overexpression of both Cyclin E and Cdc25A rapidly slowed down replication forks and induced(More)
Cactins constitute a family of eukaryotic proteins broadly conserved from yeast to human and required for fundamental processes such as cell proliferation, genome stability maintenance, organismal development and immune response. Cactin proteins have been found to associate with the spliceosome in several model organisms, nevertheless their molecular(More)
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