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Gait disorders are a primary consequence of Parkinson's Disease (PD), resulting in loss of patients' independence. Recently, Rhythmical Auditory Stimulation (RAS) gave a preliminary proof to benefit gait quality, but the specific methodology requires a long walkway, preventing the use of a traditional complete gait analysis. In the present work we describe(More)
Sailing might produce a positive effect on a patient's general health and become an integrated part of rehabilitation. Our hypothesis was that a specific technological rehabilitation program might be used to prepare a group of disabled subjects for sailing. Seventeen patients (age range: 9-20) with impairments in motor coordination and balance and 15(More)
Measuring gait quality of patients through wearable sensors has become an useful tool to assist in drug administration. Several methods, based on inertial sensors placed on lower limbs, have been proposed over the last decade to estimate clinical meaningful parameters such as gait phase distribution. Application of those algorithms for monitoring gait(More)
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