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Relaxation-optimised Hartmann–Hahn transfer using a specifically Tailored MOCCA-XY16 mixing sequence for carbonyl–carbonyl correlation spectroscopy in 13C direct detection NMR experiments
Isotropic mixing sequences are one of the key methods to achieve efficient coherence transfer. Among them, the MOCCA-XY16, which keeps the magnetization longitudinal for a significant amount of time,Expand
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High‐Resolution Characterization of Intrinsic Disorder in Proteins: Expanding the Suite of 13C‐Detected NMR Spectroscopy Experiments to Determine Key Observables
Order in disorder: The characterization of intrinsically disordered proteins by NMR spectroscopy is a necessity on the one hand and a continuous challenge on the other. We propose two experimentsExpand
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A further investigation of the cytochrome b5–cytochrome c complex
The interaction of reduced rabbit cytochrome b5 with reduced yeast iso-1 cytochrome c has been studied through the analysis of 1H–15N HSQC spectra, of 15N longitudinal (R1) and transverse (R2)Expand
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