Isabell Flade

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There is increasing interest in employing shotgun sequencing, rather than amplicon sequencing, to analyze microbiome samples. Typical projects may involve hundreds of samples and billions of sequencing reads. The comparison of such samples against a protein reference database generates billions of alignments and the analysis of such data is computationally(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS The intestinal microbiota is an important determinant of the mucosal response. In patients with inflammatory bowel diseases, the mucosal immune system has inappropriate interactions with the intestinal microbiota. We investigated how the composition of the intestinal microbiota affects its endotoxicity and development of colitis in mice.(More)
BACKGROUND Toll-like receptor (TLR) expression in patients with inflammatory bowel disease is increased when compared with healthy controls. However, the impact of TLR signaling during inflammatory bowel disease is not fully understood. METHODS In this study, we used a murine model of acute phase inflammation in bone marrow chimeric mice to investigate in(More)
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