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Organizations have suffered a large (r)evolution at the social, economic and technological levels. A change of paradigm in the information systems and technologies (IST) used in the day-today life of every citizen cannot sustain such a transformation by itself; a change of culture and behaviour is therefore necessary. The use of IST in an appropriate and(More)
In line with the international trends of free/open source software usage, in Portugal there has also been a number of recommendations in the adoption of this type of software in the Public Administration and, in particular, in Schools. In this context, several benefits have been associated with the use of free/open source software, including savings in(More)
The Semantic Web is an important challenge for today's Web usage. The progressive transformation of the Web based on documents into the Web based on data will bring up a Web scale database. Given that the Enterprise Semantic Web is still a less explored subject, this article proposes an Implementation Model that helps the introduction of the technology and(More)
Stock unavailability in the supply of medicines to pharmacies can be caused by several factors including manufacturing problems, lack of raw materials, end of product selling, disease and epidemics outbreaks. Furthermore, the sale of medicines by some pharmacies to foreign markets has increased in recent years, and is considered one of the main causes of(More)
For pharmaceutical distribution companies it is essential to obtain good estimates of medicine needs, due to the short shelf life of many medicines and the need to control stock levels, so as to avoid excessive inventory costs while guaranteeing customer demand satisfaction, and thus decreasing the possibility of loss of customers due to stock outages. In(More)
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